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Video Marketing: The Future of Content Marketing
February 9, 2018|Marketing

Video Marketing: The Future of Content Marketing

Establishing the goals of your video marketing strategies is the first step towards successful campaigns. You need to identify your potential target audiences within the scope of your marketing regions. You may wish to start at the local video production companies    and expand further as your business grows. If you own an established business, you can certainly think of spreading the reach of your video marketing across the globe. Before that you need to connect to the global retailers for hosting your website and videos and selling your products online.  If you own a startup or small business, you can initiate the video marketing through YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, LinkedIn, and VZAAR etc.

Video Marketing – Challenges and Solutions

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  • Video Content: Identifying the video content is the first challenge you face while making it. You may wish to start with the advertising and marketing strategies. But the probability of getting higher number of views could be low, due to the height of competition. Diverting the consumers from their current brand and products could be tougher than you imagine. Hence, you could start with the informational content. Keeping the videos short and sophisticated can attract more number of generic views in the first phase. Always keep an element of suspense/continuity at the end of every session. Audiences will certainly revisit your video hosting site for more information. It is a better practice to make your videos based on the genre liked by your potential audiences. You may need to go back to the market analysis based on demographics. Regardless of the genre you choose, you need to pass on the key information about your products to the intended audiences. Once they get familiar with your posts, you could ask them to write reviews and post comments and likes. You can change the video content to product demonstration, customer testimonials, webinars and events. Highlighting the testimonials can certainly have greater impact on the audiences. This type of video could be difficult to create in the initial stages. Hence, you can combine two or three content to make it efficient and cost effective.
  • Video SEO: Video SEO is another challenging area today. This could be due to the difficulties of content optimization for the mobile devices, creation of thumbnails, and the right kind of video formatting and editing. Getting the feedback from the audiences and working on them to improve the quality and content could be another challenge. Of course, you could overcome them by following some of the simple (not necessarily easy) guidelines. Video optimization can be done by producing god quality content. Place your main keywords in the video title, description, and annotations. Selecting the video category is critical for engaging maximum number of audiences. Search for the most frequently used tags (related to your video content and the audience demographic data) and add them to the video. Adding the script of your video narration on the same page can help you insert the main keywords and phrases.
  • Interaction Level: Adding a call to action button to your video can make it interactive. You may create a window in which the viewers input their comment by entering their email and phone contact. You just need to post that comment and thank them. The other option is to offer a free subscription to newsletters. The probability of positive reaction could be more than directing them to the product at this stage, unless you are sure or your videos have sufficient number of views according to your requirement.
  • Mobile Optimization: Using the search engine indexing for the exclusive use of mobile audiences can help optimize your videos more efficiently. For example, Google is using the First-Index for the mobile devices. The Google algorithms will give top priority to the mobile versions of the website content. Accelerated mobile pages hosting can optimize the videos to a considerable extent.
  • Native Mobile Ad: Using the native mobile advertising can increase the product popularity, since its mode is basically engaging. It can enhance the user experience and create trust in your brand name better the old model of advertising. The volume of audiences who watch these types of videos is significantly higher than those who prefer the older versions. The biggest challenge for this format is the variation on the apps. Since, the generic apps for YouTube, WhatsApp and other channels are standardized your ads may not face too many hurdles.
  • Video Quality: The quality of your video marketing depends on the budget you can spare for it. If you can shoot your videos using professional setup, experienced crew and sophisticated editing systems, the quality will be naturally higher. This task could be challenging, if you own a small or startup business venture. But if you are serious about capturing the future markets, you need to allocate the budgets accordingly.

Video Marketing Goals


  • User Awareness: Creating the user awareness is the first step to successful video marketing. Once this goal is achieved, you need to move ahead into the lead generation stage.
  • Lead Generation: Creating the interactive videos (audiences input their contact details) is the first step towards lead generation. It helps your marketing team to follow up with them consistently. You can also establish efficient relations with the existing customers and ask them to share the links with the others in their social network.
  • Sales Conversion: Established video marketing methods can result in sales conversions, when the audiences have a compelling need for the products and services you offer. Searching and filtering such audiences is a challenging task. You may need to pair up the video marketing sessions with the email-marketing and PPC. This approach takes relatively lesser time, compared to the traditional/ other online marketing methods.
  • Future leads: Though it may not be possible to convert all the audiences into leads or sales immediately, you can certainly get the opportunity to preserve the future leads in your marketing database. You can opt for email marketing to continue further, or continue with video marketing sessions, or use the combination to increase the probability of sales and lead conversion.


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