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Auxbeam led headlights reviews
October 23, 2017|LED Headlights

Auxbeam led headlights reviews

Choosing the Best Headlights



Today’s modern technology makes it easier for travels at night. With the use of portable lighting technology, one can never hope to stumble in the dark. Vehicles especially make use of good lighting technology to light the road and avoid accidents.

We have available three common headlights used today. We have the Halogen headlights, HID headlights and LED headlights. They come in different headlight bulb types that vary per vehicle. And in different headlight bulb sizes that are fitted to vehicles according to its uses. LED headlights examples are auxbeam headlights, auxbeam led, auxbeam led headlights, etc. Led is the best type of headlight to use according to several led headlight bulb reviews.

HID Headlights

Halogen headlights are popular among car lights. They are traditional lighting options used in most cars because of its low-cost. Each bulb make use of halogen gas and tungsten filaments to emit a bright white light. Halogen is a member of a certain group of five chemicals that are reactive and poisonous.

HID headlights or high-intensity discharge lighting is a headlight that also makes us gas which is xenon. This gas is unreactive unlike halogen bulbs and is colorless and odorless. HID headlights emit clean white light as a result of using a xenon bulb. HID headlights do not have filaments, unlike halogen headlights. These headlights generate light through an electrical charge in a sealed system which uses xenon gas.

LED Headlights

LED headlights use LEDs which stand for “Light Emitting Diode.” It is a diode that conducts electricity and gives off light based on a voltage applied. LEDs are popularly used in many electronic devices today. LED lights come in small sizes and are very versatile with many different applications. LED headlights are the best type to use for the other types of headlights.

HID headlights and LED headlights are upgrades for the popular Halogen headlights. HID headlights are efficient and produce good illumination compared to Halogen headlights. They use less power and last longer than the latter. LED headlights on the other hand only need less power and have efficient energy consumption among the three. LED headlights may be designed differently compared to others because of its small size.

Headlights used today vary in different bulb sizes that are also used for other vehicle purposes such as parking lights, turn signals, trunk lights, reverse lights, brake lights, and much more. Sizes vary per type and usage and come in sizes usually named with descriptions such as; H1, H3, H4, etc. All these bulb sizes also vary in voltage and design.

Night time travel is made safer and easier with the use of headlamps. Modern vehicles nowadays use advanced headlights produced thanks to today’s technology. With different headlight bulb types and headlight bulb sizes to best fit various range of different vehicles for different uses. And according to several led headlight bulb reviews, LEDs are the best among the headlight types which comes as auxbeam headlights, auxbeam led, auxbeam led headlights, etc.

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Which kind of slow cooker is best for you?
October 12, 2017|Site review

Which kind of slow cooker is best for you?


Best Slow Cookers

Are you shopping for a new slow cooker? If you are then, it may be confusing which one you should buy. After all, there are all kinds of slow cookers out there. And with so many choices it is understandable you do not know which crockpot or slow cooker is the best option for you. Read this article to learn about the main differences of each kind of slow cooker.

Oval or round

slow cooker

The actual shape of the crockpot that you purchase is also going to be something that you will have to think about. Crockpots can come in two different shapes. They can either be round or slightly oval. Round crockpots are the perfect all-around shape because they can fit a wide variety of foods, and they also tend to be smaller so you can fit them anywhere in your kitchen too. The main advantage of a crockpot that is shaped like an oval is that you can fit bigger pieces of meat, such as a whole chicken, without running out of space. So choose the shape of the crockpot that you are going to buy according to the kinds of foods that you are going to prepare.

Metal or ceramic

There are all kinds of materials that crockpots can be made out of. So you need to choose carefully when it comes to crockpot construction. The advantages of a metal crockpot are obvious; metal is sturdy. Metal crockpots will not break if you ever do drop them accidentally. Metallic crockpots do not, however, retain or insulate heat as a ceramic one does. Ceramic crockpots may be more brittle but they are also way easier to carry around, and they can also be much more convenient to clean. So overall, it can be a good idea to weigh all of the pros and cons of each kind of crockpot construction, before you settle on which one to buy.

Big or small

Size does matter quite a bit when it comes to picking out the right crockpot. If you are planning to cook big meals using a slow cooking method, then you naturally need to buy a larger-sized slow cooker. Just be aware that bigger is not always better because a large-sized slow cooker can cost a lot more money. Plus, it can be hard to fit a big-sized best crockpot if you have got a limited amount of counter space in your kitchen. If you plan to prepare only small-sized meals, then a smaller kind of crockpot may be the better option to use. It would be way more convenient actually to have in your kitchen, and in addition to that, it would also be at the perfect size too!

You should also check out crock pot reviews if you wanted to settle on purchasing a crock pot that is well-made and worth the price that you are paying for it. Those studies that you read about different crock pots can narrow down your search for it, and it would also point you in the right direction for which brand or model of the slow cooker is the best ones.

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Video doorbell reviews
September 18, 2017|Site review

Video doorbell reviews

Best video doorbell reviews

video doorbell reviews

This is a review of the top three best video doorbell the ring ring pro and skybell HD i have been using the rain for a year and it has quickly become one of the gadgets that I can’t live without best doorbell camera , have several benefits first you can see who’s at your door imagine you’re watching TV and someone rings the bell is it your buddies or someone trying to sell you something now you can see who it is on your phone and then decide if it’s worth running to the door mid game but wait there’s more you want to answer from the comfort of the couch now you can you can talk to the person right from your phone you can also do this from anywhere in the world as long as you have an internet connection this brings us to the second big benefit security if someone is going to break into your house they’re probably going to video doorbell reviews try Reviewimo first to make sure that you’re not home now when they do you can tell them that you can’t come to the door they can’t tell if you’re home or not third you can see when packages are delivered so now you can see why I could never get rid of my wireless video doorbell

best doorbell camera


best doorbell camera

I evaluated each of the three wireless video doorbellon Psy’s video quality motiondetection field-of-view app and website cloud storage and any additional features so which video doorbell should you get that’s going to depend on your situation and what features are important to you

Check for power for wireless camera doorbells

The first thing to check is if you have power to your current doorbell if you don’t have power or don’t have any doorbell your only option is the ring because it can run on batteries while the others require power if you do have power or can run power to the door then you have some choices. Each of these has a slightly different size and shape the ring pro is the smallest at just under two inches wide and four inches tall while the ring is two and a half inches wide and five inches tall the skybell is circular and two and three.

video doorbell reviews Video Quality



video from each of the doorbells in different lighting situations daylight low light and no light sky bell wins in video quality hands-down it’s really apparent that the sky Bell video is a lot better than either of the Rings in  terms of color and details even in lowlight or no light the sky Bell has the best video quality it has a light on the top of it that shines upwards and illuminates the area in front of it the Rings both use infrared light so there is no visible light to alert people you are recording but since it’s using infrared light the video is in black and white motion detection the ring pro was the best at motion detection followed by the ring this is what the apps look like when defining where to monitor they both use the video camera image to detect motion this allows you to define zones that you want to monitor for motion and those that you do not this reduces the number of false positives while ensuring you capture relevant motion while the skybell uses a traditional motion detector similar to one you would find on motion activated lights skybell just gives you three settings high medium and low sensitivity this gives you less flexibility to define which area you want to watch for motion another shortcoming of this system is that the sky Bell does not start recording until after ten to thirty seconds of motion depending on the sensitivity you set here’s an example of how quickly the ring pro starts recording I’m dropping off a package and the ring pro is the first to start the video recording followed by the ring then the sky Bell then in this next example I’m going to pretend to steal the package running up the ring Pro is the first to start the recording then the ring then the sky Bell HD then in this final example I’m coming out of the front door ring pro first to start then the sky Bell is actually second and then the rain so the skybell is quicker to activate when it’s a closer up motion field of view the ring has the tallest field of view I use this to see if I have any packages on the ground in front of my door on the ring Pro and skybell you would need to have the camera several feet further away from your door to have the ground in the field of view if you just want to see visitors faces this

isn’t a problem app and website the Rings use the same app so we’re only comparing two apps ring and sky bells both apps work fine but I prefer the rings look and feel it has that clean simple Apple look to it ring also has a website you can log into and see your account info and recordings ring also recently launched a desktop app that gives you all the same capabilities as the mobile app with Skibo you do it all on the app the thumbnail image on the skybell app is a handy feature to quickly see what is on that video when your doorbell record someone at your

door the video files are sent to ring or skybell and they store the video files on their servers so you can then watch those videos at a later time this is called cloud storage skybell gives you

seven days of free storage while ring charges you three dollars a month or $30 a year per device for six months of storage considering i’m not yet needed to look back more than seven days this

is a big advantage for skybell you buy the device and that’s it no fees no fees these additional features skybell gets a lot of the small things right for example on Sky bail you can silence the

doorbell if you’re on a call and you don’t want your dog to go nuts or wake your sleeping baby when it hears the chime on ring you can only turn off the inside chime but the outside doorbell

will always make a chime sound skybell also has an optional wedge mount that adjusts the viewing angle 15 to 20 degrees

best wireless doorbell camera

best doorbell camera

I ended up building my own for my ring so I could see packages left at my door

the Rings have an optional indoor chime the plays a sound when someone pushes

the button this way you can locate the chime anywhere in your house and you don’t need your old doorbell chime and the winner is the ring pro the ring pro is the overall winner based on

its advanced motion detection it was the best at identifying relevant motion and was able to record the entire event starting a few seconds before the motion occurred the picture was not as nice asthe sky bell but it’s good enough in second place is the ring compared to the ring pro the Rings video quality is a little lower and so is its motion detection abilities but still usable the

ring is a good lower-cost alternative to the ring pro also good if you don’t have power since it has a built in battery in third place is the sky belt the sky bell has amazing video quality and no fees

for cloud storage making it the lowest cost option when you factor in cloudstorage but it was the worst at motion  detection which is a pretty big compromise the video quality won’t matter if it’s not recording thanks for watching please subscribe and give a thumbs up if you enjoyed this video


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Marketing for a Moving Company
September 5, 2017|Marketing

Marketing for a Moving Company

Case Study Local Calgary Movers


We helped a calgary movers company with heir marketing  all of which was online based marketing. A bit about Moving first. Moving your family and home can be incredibly stressful, It makes sense to try to reduce this as much as possible. Moving can easily be as stressful and a divorce or death in the family! However if you follow some simple tips you can easily reduce the levels of stress by a huge factor.  The other factor is that  you want to make it easy to get settled in your new home as well be able to find all your belongings instead of creating long term problems! We see professional Moving association for more help

Get professional supplies, don’t try to use grocery store boxes to pack you precious belongings. Banana boxes or grocery store boxes are not made to pack thing like book, plates ,or wardrobes.  using the wrong tape can cause your boxes to open and spill the contents, which could be really bad. using proper packing paper can also really make a difference for example wrapping plates in newspaper can cause smudges of ink which would cause you to have to wash all your dishes when moving in…simple measures make all the difference.

Pack Per room – Start with 1 room and pack it all the way then move on to the next room. Don’t pack random. Mark every box with consistent information. For example pack master bedroom – mark all boxes Master Bedroom – then mark sub information like Master Bedroom – Mike’s Closet Master bedroom – Mikes night table ect. Being organized is the key to stress free moving and stress free unpacking

Use an appropriate vehicle – if you are moving yourself at least try to get 1 big vehicle and load it in one day with everything. this will save you all kinds of time and energy rather than making all kinds of trips you can organize loading the truck and packing according to how you will unpack. Talk about a a Rippoff

Have a plan for loading the vehicle and pack it according to how you want to unpack. This may require you coming up with a plan for the new house or office ect but in the end this will save you time.

Hire Professionals- If you can do it hire professionals to take care of everything . Let them come pack you house label and do everything properly. Professionals can handle everything from packing organizing and even offer short term storage

About us



We are a local Calgary moving and storage company – we provide top moving Calgary solutions and can easily look after you belongings for stress free moving – see our website for more moving help and tips .

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Why Is It Important To Use The Commercial LED Lighting?
August 31, 2017|Marketing

Why Is It Important To Use The Commercial LED Lighting?

Commercial Lighting Alberta

 commercial hi bay lighting

Commercial LED lighting has become a tremendous impact on the world and it thanks to the contribution that it has in helping many people to save energy. People already know how expensive it is that the energy and the electricity of their homes, the buildings, and other appliances can be and to minimize such cost they are looking for a better alternative to it, and this is where the commercial LED lighting came in. The LED lights can give you the things that you need, and you will find that this stuff can make life a bit easier for you to live with. You can finally use these lights without having to worry about the energy being consumed so much.

commercial lighting


Here are some of these things that you will find it beneficial to you when it comes to using the commercial hi bay  lighting and how it affects your way of living.


  • It helps you save money. This is the number one reason why people prefer to go for the commercial LED lighting. You can save money when using this type of light and not only that you don’t have to worry about fixing any broken problems when you can just simply use for cheap.
  • It can also save electricity. Another thing that you should know about is that it can also help you save electricity. Many people are aware that they are using the energy a lot and the use of the power has grown over the years, at least with the LED lighting you can have that burden be minimized.
  • It has the energy efficiency. The LED light can use about 50% less electricity that the usual traditional incandescent, halogen, and fluorescent lamps. This resulted in you having a substantial cost energy saving, and this is also perfect for lights that are used for extended period.
  • They have an extended life. The LED lights don’t burn out unlike the incandescent lighting, which is good. For you only need a good light that can last longer especially when you are using them for more extended periods of time.
  • They are very durable when in use. Lastly, another thing that you should also know is that LED lighting is very durable thanks to its breakage resistance and that they are very immune to impact and other vibration.


As you can see how widespread the use of LED can be and there are so many people already choosing LED because it is a better alternative to be using. You can save money, and it can last longer, so there’s no need for you to worry about having it burn out thanks to the overuse. They can be used for however long you want, and you can continue to enjoy the benefits that it holds when installing them into your homes, your commercialized homes, or for security purposes. Commercial LED lighting keeps promising results.

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Marketing An Local Calgary HR Consultant
August 28, 2017|Marketing

Marketing An Local Calgary HR Consultant

How Human Resources Consulting Can Improve Your Organizational Structure

hr consulting calgary

hr consulting calgary


A company is composed of different departments. Administrative, human resources, finance, procurement, security, engineering, and maintenance are among the most common. All employees under each section pass through the human resources department. This branch of the company is responsible for employing, assessing, training, and dealing with the workforce benefits. Apart from that, hr consultant calgary ensures that each section functions at their best by lining up the skills and competency of their employees to areas where they best fit. Meanwhile, there are instances when challenges in human resources section get tough. These happen when the department couldn’t catch up with the diverse environment and chaotic issues on the operational system. This is the best time to seek for a Human Resources consultant. Here are the things they could be of help to fix and improve the organizational structure in your company Salopek & Associates Ltd. – HR Consultant Calgary – HR Calgary


calgary human resource consultant

calgary human resource consultant

• You will better understand the employee’s attitude and strengths. HR consulting will help you understand the activities of employees and how it affects their work. You will figure out then what drives their aggressiveness to perform their best and what discourages them from becoming productive. Hence, you will become more aware of the nature of the employees, and that helps you create a strategy that would keep them excelling at work.

• Causes/reasons behind problems will be identified. Human resources consultant helps you unveil the underlying reasons or causes behind the problem on every section. This could be due to unfit personalities, competency and skills of members under the structure which does not go well with coordination. Understanding their nature and the situation will help you fix the problem and come up with strategies that best solve the problem.

• You will be able to come up with effective strategies to align the skills and competency of employees. Individuals have their strengths and potential. And some of these gifts are locked in a nutshell and can be freed when suddenly in great need. This means that an employee working in the section of finance could be a good asset to the procurement department. It is just a matter of assessing their skills and competency to know their potential. HR consulting will help you analyze the employees’ potential- which could be a great help for you to line up the brilliant team composing a department.

• Managing each employee’s concern is easier. Human resources consultant will guide you on the proper way of handling employees concern. Being able to address the member’s work-related problem will make them feel valued, and that will encourage them to work on their best and continue to improve their output. This will make the structure well-coordinated as everyone is at their greatest performance on nailing the tasks.

hr consultant calgary

• Able to give immediate action on every problems and challenge. HR consulting widens your thinking on how you could best solve certain issues in each structure. Human resources consultant helps you analyze these problems and give a logical solution that leans on the vision of your department.
Organizations could be well-managed if you know the nature, strengths, competency, and skills of the employees building it. And with the guidance, advice, knowledge and strategies imparted by ottawa hr consulting, you will be able to make aconstant improvement on the structure and encourage the people to give their best performance at work.

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Case Study Led Shower head marketing
August 23, 2017|Site review

Case Study Led Shower head marketing

Benefits of LED shower heads

Led Shower heads


The LED Shower heads is a shower head for your shower to sprinkle you with water for when you take a bath. Though that might be the common way to explain things, this shower head is very innovative since it can offer you an array of colors or single colors. You might think that it is just a waste of time, progress, and money but there are benefits to the LED Shower heads and here are some:

 best led shower head

  • More light: the benefits of the LED Shower heads is it can give you more lights or it can give you a personal light as well. If you are afraid of the dark, then don’t worry anymore because the LED will be there to give you more light. You will also enjoy looking how amazing your bathroom is since there are different colors of LED best Shower head filter  that you can choose from and there are some that have more than just one color.
  • Saves light: if you are the type who wants to save money by minimizing the use of electricity then you will be glad to know that since you would usually have more than one light in your bathroom, the LED Shower heads will be the only one that you will use when you take a shower at night. At least this way there will only be one light used and you can save a lot from it.
  • Sets the mood:another benefit that about the LED Shower heads are it can set the mood for you. Remember that there are different colors to choose from like red, blue, and even green. If are in a mixed mood, there are others that can use two or even three colors at once. At least this way as well you will have value for your money since it wouldn’t be just one color per shower head.
  • Adds fun:when it comes to the LED Shower heads then you will also enjoy the benefit that it adds a sense of fun for when you take a shower. Remember that you don’t always experience using a shower that has lights in it. That is why if you feel strong or calm you can always go for the blue or red color. Taking a shower will be different thanks to the LED Shower heads.
  • Gives labels:though the LED Shower heads can give a sense of fun for when you take a shower, it can also give labels. There are some shower heads where it labels each color to how hot you want the water to be or how cold you want the water to be. At least this way you wouldn’t have to check the temperature anymore since the color can help you with that.


Truly the LED Shower heads is a device that all will enjoy having as a shower head. The benefits, after all, can go from enjoying looking at the colors to being able to save electricity from it. That is why if you want to start good changes in your home through your bathroom by the shower head, then having the LED Shower heads will be a great change to start with. Taking a shower would never be the same. You would be able to save enough money to have a vacation because of it.

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Outline Your Marketing Goals
July 3, 2017|Marketing

Outline Your Marketing Goals

Outline Your Marketing Goals

At the end of the year or at tax time we take a look back at our business and what we have accomplished over the years and take a look into the future and see what where we want to go next year.  Did you accomplish everything you wanted?  If it didn’t go as planned what are you going to fix?  How will you go forward from there, you need to clearly outline your marketing goals if you want to achieve them.

Now that you have your goals in place you need a plan to make them happen.  Let’s get started on just how you can make that happen.

Meet With Your Sales Team

Make them a part of your goals, let them know the direction you want to take and ask for their input on how they can make that happen with you.  These are the people you rely on to close deals and they deal with customers on a day to day basis.  They are an integral part of making sure that you meet your goals happen so include them in the process.

Market Online Aggressively

Online marketing has the best return on investment of any marketing campaign.  Make sure that your website is up to date and your social media sales channels are all up to date and content is added regularly.  Work with a digital marketing agency, they can make sure that your website is ranking high on the search results page using SEO .  They can also take over your social media marketing and make sure that your content is engaging and educates your audience about your business.  They can also make sure that your optimized for conversions to make the most of the traffic you get online. Take for example a review site that earns income from affiliate marketing like reviewimo.com  which makes money only when specfic traffic click or converts on things like  Linksys E1200 N300 Wireless Router Reviewed 


Outline What Sets You Apart

Sit down with your team and determine what makes your company better than your competitors.  Do some market research among your existing customers to find out why they chose you and not the guy down the street.  Take this information and use it to improve your current products and services.  It also gives you the chance to find out what your customers want that you’re not currently offering.  You want to make sure they never have a reason to choose a competitor over you again.  Here is how you can figure that out.

Think Longterm

Retaining your customers and having them refer you is the easiest way to increase your bottom line.  Your existing client base already trusts you and that step in the sales process is taken care of for you.  Contact them to offer new products and services, let them know about specials and sales your offering.  Build and maintain a mailing list it’s worth its weight in gold to any future marketing campaigns.

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How to Market Your Law Practice
June 30, 2017|Marketing

How to Market Your Law Practice

How to Market Your Law Practice

You made it all the way through law school, passed the bar and finally managed to get your own practice set up.  Now in addition to the title of lawyer you also have to become a marketer too. When you’re practice is on the line you will do what you need to to keep the phones ringing, but knowing how to market your law practice would make your life that much easier.

Large law firms have huge marketing departments with directors, event planners and business development specialists.  Midsized firms will have a couple of people that take care of the marketing for the entire firm.  So what do smaller law firms or solo practitioners do?  Many will work with a digital marketing firm that will help them with the following.

Get Online

It’s 2017 and you need an online presence to bring in new clients.  A good digital marketing firm will look at many different online platforms to promote your business.  They will start with your website and make sure that it is built to convert your visitors to potential clients.  They will start an SEO campaign specific to a legal practice that will bring your website to the top of the search results page.  You also should begin an PPC campaign on both social media platforms and on Google, this may depend on the budget you have to spend.

Brand Your Firm

There are literally hundreds of attorney’s doing exactly the same thing that you are doing and you need to stand out from the crowd.  Why did you get into law?  What are you passionate about?  Which area of law are you specializing in?  You need to take that specialty and narrow it down even further, for example there are some divorce attorneys that only work within the military or specialize in high ticket divorces.  Pick your specialty and become the leading expert.

Close the Deal

A marketing firm can bring you in potential clients all day long but you’re the one that has to make them sign on the dotted line.  You need to convince your clients that you are the right person to handle their case.  There will also be marketing events that a digital marketing firm can’t handle for you.  Networking events and the like, you will have to put in the effort to market your practice on your own.  Working with a digital marketing firm is a team effort and they are just as invested in your success as you are.

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