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Video Marketing: The Future of Content Marketing
February 9, 2018|Marketing

Video Marketing: The Future of Content Marketing

Establishing the goals of your video marketing strategies is the first step towards successful campaigns. You need to identify your potential target audiences within the scope of your marketing regions. You may wish to start at the local video production companies    and expand further as your business grows. If you own an established business, you can certainly think of spreading the reach of your video marketing across the globe. Before that you need to connect to the global retailers for hosting your website and videos and selling your products online.  If you own a startup or small business, you can initiate the video marketing through YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, LinkedIn, and VZAAR etc.

Video Marketing – Challenges and Solutions

video production company

  • Video Content: Identifying the video content is the first challenge you face while making it. You may wish to start with the advertising and marketing strategies. But the probability of getting higher number of views could be low, due to the height of competition. Diverting the consumers from their current brand and products could be tougher than you imagine. Hence, you could start with the informational content. Keeping the videos short and sophisticated can attract more number of generic views in the first phase. Always keep an element of suspense/continuity at the end of every session. Audiences will certainly revisit your video hosting site for more information. It is a better practice to make your videos based on the genre liked by your potential audiences. You may need to go back to the market analysis based on demographics. Regardless of the genre you choose, you need to pass on the key information about your products to the intended audiences. Once they get familiar with your posts, you could ask them to write reviews and post comments and likes. You can change the video content to product demonstration, customer testimonials, webinars and events. Highlighting the testimonials can certainly have greater impact on the audiences. This type of video could be difficult to create in the initial stages. Hence, you can combine two or three content to make it efficient and cost effective.
  • Video SEO: Video SEO is another challenging area today. This could be due to the difficulties of content optimization for the mobile devices, creation of thumbnails, and the right kind of video formatting and editing. Getting the feedback from the audiences and working on them to improve the quality and content could be another challenge. Of course, you could overcome them by following some of the simple (not necessarily easy) guidelines. Video optimization can be done by producing god quality content. Place your main keywords in the video title, description, and annotations. Selecting the video category is critical for engaging maximum number of audiences. Search for the most frequently used tags (related to your video content and the audience demographic data) and add them to the video. Adding the script of your video narration on the same page can help you insert the main keywords and phrases.
  • Interaction Level: Adding a call to action button to your video can make it interactive. You may create a window in which the viewers input their comment by entering their email and phone contact. You just need to post that comment and thank them. The other option is to offer a free subscription to newsletters. The probability of positive reaction could be more than directing them to the product at this stage, unless you are sure or your videos have sufficient number of views according to your requirement.
  • Mobile Optimization: Using the search engine indexing for the exclusive use of mobile audiences can help optimize your videos more efficiently. For example, Google is using the First-Index for the mobile devices. The Google algorithms will give top priority to the mobile versions of the website content. Accelerated mobile pages hosting can optimize the videos to a considerable extent.
  • Native Mobile Ad: Using the native mobile advertising can increase the product popularity, since its mode is basically engaging. It can enhance the user experience and create trust in your brand name better the old model of advertising. The volume of audiences who watch these types of videos is significantly higher than those who prefer the older versions. The biggest challenge for this format is the variation on the apps. Since, the generic apps for YouTube, WhatsApp and other channels are standardized your ads may not face too many hurdles.
  • Video Quality: The quality of your video marketing depends on the budget you can spare for it. If you can shoot your videos using professional setup, experienced crew and sophisticated editing systems, the quality will be naturally higher. This task could be challenging, if you own a small or startup business venture. But if you are serious about capturing the future markets, you need to allocate the budgets accordingly.

Video Marketing Goals


  • User Awareness: Creating the user awareness is the first step to successful video marketing. Once this goal is achieved, you need to move ahead into the lead generation stage.
  • Lead Generation: Creating the interactive videos (audiences input their contact details) is the first step towards lead generation. It helps your marketing team to follow up with them consistently. You can also establish efficient relations with the existing customers and ask them to share the links with the others in their social network.
  • Sales Conversion: Established video marketing methods can result in sales conversions, when the audiences have a compelling need for the products and services you offer. Searching and filtering such audiences is a challenging task. You may need to pair up the video marketing sessions with the email-marketing and PPC. This approach takes relatively lesser time, compared to the traditional/ other online marketing methods.
  • Future leads: Though it may not be possible to convert all the audiences into leads or sales immediately, you can certainly get the opportunity to preserve the future leads in your marketing database. You can opt for email marketing to continue further, or continue with video marketing sessions, or use the combination to increase the probability of sales and lead conversion.


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Calgary SEO Services
November 17, 2017|Marketing

Calgary SEO Services

SEO in Calgary Alberta Canada


Looking to grow your business in 2017/18 dont wait call us now to get you business ranked on Google. We are Search engine optimization experts (SEO) can drive traffic to your website and organically grow your business. We can help by strating with a great web design setup and build into the new site all of the factors that Google is looking for . Let us get you startd with SEO.

Calgary SEO is your one-stop for all of your business/Internet growth needs. We offer a wide array of services, which includes search engine optimization, pay-per-click campaigns, web analytics and even web design! We use a very thorough multi-step process to ensure the health of your Internet traffic needs, which includes continuous monitoring and tweaking so that your business can stay afloat with no worries. Beginning in 2002, Calgary SEO has been in the business of helping other businesses grow in terms of Internet traffic. If you’d like us to help your business grow more or have general questions, you may contact us by telephone at 1-403-386-7427 or send an email on calgaryseocompany.ca We are located at the following physical address: 4911 30 Avenue Southwest Calgary, Alberta T3E0V4. We can also be found on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. Give Calgary SEO a try today, we’ll help your business stay ahead in the game!

MRC SEO Consulting
4911 30 Avenue Southwest Calgary, Alberta T3E0V4
Phone: +1 403-386-7427

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Why Is It Important To Use The Commercial LED Lighting?
August 31, 2017|Marketing

Why Is It Important To Use The Commercial LED Lighting?

Commercial Lighting Alberta

 commercial hi bay lighting

Commercial LED lighting has become a tremendous impact on the world and it thanks to the contribution that it has in helping many people to save energy. People already know how expensive it is that the energy and the electricity of their homes, the buildings, and other appliances can be and to minimize such cost they are looking for a better alternative to it, and this is where the commercial LED lighting came in. The LED lights can give you the things that you need, and you will find that this stuff can make life a bit easier for you to live with. You can finally use these lights without having to worry about the energy being consumed so much.

commercial lighting


Here are some of these things that you will find it beneficial to you when it comes to using the commercial hi bay  lighting and how it affects your way of living.


  • It helps you save money. This is the number one reason why people prefer to go for the commercial LED lighting. You can save money when using this type of light and not only that you don’t have to worry about fixing any broken problems when you can just simply use for cheap.
  • It can also save electricity. Another thing that you should know about is that it can also help you save electricity. Many people are aware that they are using the energy a lot and the use of the power has grown over the years, at least with the LED lighting you can have that burden be minimized.
  • It has the energy efficiency. The LED light can use about 50% less electricity that the usual traditional incandescent, halogen, and fluorescent lamps. This resulted in you having a substantial cost energy saving, and this is also perfect for lights that are used for extended period.
  • They have an extended life. The LED lights don’t burn out unlike the incandescent lighting, which is good. For you only need a good light that can last longer especially when you are using them for more extended periods of time.
  • They are very durable when in use. Lastly, another thing that you should also know is that LED lighting is very durable thanks to its breakage resistance and that they are very immune to impact and other vibration.


As you can see how widespread the use of LED can be and there are so many people already choosing LED because it is a better alternative to be using. You can save money, and it can last longer, so there’s no need for you to worry about having it burn out thanks to the overuse. They can be used for however long you want, and you can continue to enjoy the benefits that it holds when installing them into your homes, your commercialized homes, or for security purposes. Commercial LED lighting keeps promising results.

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Marketing An Local Calgary HR Consultant
August 28, 2017|Marketing

Marketing An Local Calgary HR Consultant

How Human Resources Consulting Can Improve Your Organizational Structure

hr consulting calgary

hr consulting calgary


A company is composed of different departments. Administrative, human resources, finance, procurement, security, engineering, and maintenance are among the most common. All employees under each section pass through the human resources department. This branch of the company is responsible for employing, assessing, training, and dealing with the workforce benefits. Apart from that, hr consultant calgary ensures that each section functions at their best by lining up the skills and competency of their employees to areas where they best fit. Meanwhile, there are instances when challenges in human resources section get tough. These happen when the department couldn’t catch up with the diverse environment and chaotic issues on the operational system. This is the best time to seek for a Human Resources consultant. Here are the things they could be of help to fix and improve the organizational structure in your company Salopek & Associates Ltd. – HR Consultant Calgary – HR Calgary


calgary human resource consultant

calgary human resource consultant

• You will better understand the employee’s attitude and strengths. HR consulting will help you understand the activities of employees and how it affects their work. You will figure out then what drives their aggressiveness to perform their best and what discourages them from becoming productive. Hence, you will become more aware of the nature of the employees, and that helps you create a strategy that would keep them excelling at work.

• Causes/reasons behind problems will be identified. Human resources consultant helps you unveil the underlying reasons or causes behind the problem on every section. This could be due to unfit personalities, competency and skills of members under the structure which does not go well with coordination. Understanding their nature and the situation will help you fix the problem and come up with strategies that best solve the problem.

• You will be able to come up with effective strategies to align the skills and competency of employees. Individuals have their strengths and potential. And some of these gifts are locked in a nutshell and can be freed when suddenly in great need. This means that an employee working in the section of finance could be a good asset to the procurement department. It is just a matter of assessing their skills and competency to know their potential. HR consulting will help you analyze the employees’ potential- which could be a great help for you to line up the brilliant team composing a department.

• Managing each employee’s concern is easier. Human resources consultant will guide you on the proper way of handling employees concern. Being able to address the member’s work-related problem will make them feel valued, and that will encourage them to work on their best and continue to improve their output. This will make the structure well-coordinated as everyone is at their greatest performance on nailing the tasks.

hr consultant calgary

• Able to give immediate action on every problems and challenge. HR consulting widens your thinking on how you could best solve certain issues in each structure. Human resources consultant helps you analyze these problems and give a logical solution that leans on the vision of your department.
Organizations could be well-managed if you know the nature, strengths, competency, and skills of the employees building it. And with the guidance, advice, knowledge and strategies imparted by ottawa hr consulting, you will be able to make aconstant improvement on the structure and encourage the people to give their best performance at work.

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Outline Your Marketing Goals
July 3, 2017|Marketing

Outline Your Marketing Goals

Outline Your Marketing Goals

At the end of the year or at tax time we take a look back at our business and what we have accomplished over the years and take a look into the future and see what where we want to go next year.  Did you accomplish everything you wanted?  If it didn’t go as planned what are you going to fix?  How will you go forward from there, you need to clearly outline your marketing goals if you want to achieve them.

Now that you have your goals in place you need a plan to make them happen.  Let’s get started on just how you can make that happen.

Meet With Your Sales Team

Make them a part of your goals, let them know the direction you want to take and ask for their input on how they can make that happen with you.  These are the people you rely on to close deals and they deal with customers on a day to day basis.  They are an integral part of making sure that you meet your goals happen so include them in the process.

Market Online Aggressively

Online marketing has the best return on investment of any marketing campaign.  Make sure that your website is up to date and your social media sales channels are all up to date and content is added regularly.  Work with a digital marketing agency, they can make sure that your website is ranking high on the search results page using SEO .  They can also take over your social media marketing and make sure that your content is engaging and educates your audience about your business.  They can also make sure that your optimized for conversions to make the most of the traffic you get online. Take for example a review site that earns income from affiliate marketing like reviewimo.com  which makes money only when specfic traffic click or converts on things like  Linksys E1200 N300 Wireless Router Reviewed 


Outline What Sets You Apart

Sit down with your team and determine what makes your company better than your competitors.  Do some market research among your existing customers to find out why they chose you and not the guy down the street.  Take this information and use it to improve your current products and services.  It also gives you the chance to find out what your customers want that you’re not currently offering.  You want to make sure they never have a reason to choose a competitor over you again.  Here is how you can figure that out.

Think Longterm

Retaining your customers and having them refer you is the easiest way to increase your bottom line.  Your existing client base already trusts you and that step in the sales process is taken care of for you.  Contact them to offer new products and services, let them know about specials and sales your offering.  Build and maintain a mailing list it’s worth its weight in gold to any future marketing campaigns.

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How to Market Your Law Practice
June 30, 2017|Marketing

How to Market Your Law Practice

How to Market Your Law Practice

You made it all the way through law school, passed the bar and finally managed to get your own practice set up.  Now in addition to the title of lawyer you also have to become a marketer too. When you’re practice is on the line you will do what you need to to keep the phones ringing, but knowing how to market your law practice would make your life that much easier.

Large law firms have huge marketing departments with directors, event planners and business development specialists.  Midsized firms will have a couple of people that take care of the marketing for the entire firm.  So what do smaller law firms or solo practitioners do?  Many will work with a digital marketing firm that will help them with the following.

Get Online

It’s 2017 and you need an online presence to bring in new clients.  A good digital marketing firm will look at many different online platforms to promote your business.  They will start with your website and make sure that it is built to convert your visitors to potential clients.  They will start an SEO campaign specific to a legal practice that will bring your website to the top of the search results page.  You also should begin an PPC campaign on both social media platforms and on Google, this may depend on the budget you have to spend.

Brand Your Firm

There are literally hundreds of attorney’s doing exactly the same thing that you are doing and you need to stand out from the crowd.  Why did you get into law?  What are you passionate about?  Which area of law are you specializing in?  You need to take that specialty and narrow it down even further, for example there are some divorce attorneys that only work within the military or specialize in high ticket divorces.  Pick your specialty and become the leading expert.

Close the Deal

A marketing firm can bring you in potential clients all day long but you’re the one that has to make them sign on the dotted line.  You need to convince your clients that you are the right person to handle their case.  There will also be marketing events that a digital marketing firm can’t handle for you.  Networking events and the like, you will have to put in the effort to market your practice on your own.  Working with a digital marketing firm is a team effort and they are just as invested in your success as you are.

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