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best wireless range extenders

best wireless range extenders

What are some of the best wireless range extenders

The best wireless range extenders listed in this article are evaluated on the basis of their hardware, configuration, firmware, Wi-Fi bands, router compatibility, and the performance parameters. We found the top two wireless routers for your home and office that are compact in size, easy to install and configure, and simple to control. They are the Netgear AC1200 WiFi Range Extender EX6200v2 and the LINKSYS RE6500 AC1200 DUAL-BAND WIRELESS RANGE EXTENDER.

Netgear AC1200 WiFi Range Extender EX6200v2

The Netgear EX6200v2 is powered by a dual core processor which controls the data flow rate, beam-forming, gaming console connectivity, smart-TV connectivity and the overall performance improvement. With this processor, the extender can establish seamless communication with the standard routers and the Wi-Fi client devices.

Smart Phone Connectivity

Your dream of playing the online sci-fi and action-adventure games on the Android, I-Phone-6, and the I-pad device has finally come true with the Netgear EX6200v2. The gadget enhances the video frame rate, eliminates the latency, optimizes the interactive mode controls, and brings you the best experience of gaming with your friends online.

Gaming Console Connectivity

The Netgear EX6200v2 has four inbuilt Ethernet NIC ports which can connect to the advanced gaming consoles. You may choose to play the LAN based interactive games in single player mode, or play the multi player mode through the wireless internet connection. The extender provides the best shared environment for zero latency and high end HD graphics.

Smart TV connectivity

The next generation of smart TVs is recognized by the 4K-HD/HDR videos, streaming audio and advanced graphics. One such example is the AMAZON fire –TV. The Netgear EX6200v2 provides the best compatibility with the hardware and firmware configurations of the device. You just need to plug the Fire-TV stick to the HDMI port of the TV at one end and the extender at the other end. The streaming live video from the internet can be transmitted onto any of the smart TV which supports the fire-TV and the Netgear EX6200v2.

PC connectivity

The Netgear EX6200v2 provides comprehensive connectivity to the PC, laptop; Mac and Linux systems for the best browsing experience. You may use the online video conferencing, file-transfer, centralized and distributed database applications, cloud server apps, or the high end e-commerce apps. The extender can provide the maximum bandwidth and the speed within the dual band range of 2.4GHZ and the 5GHZ. The net speed of the extender can go up to 1200MBPS.

User Interface

The Netgear EX6200v2 provides the simplest user interface for configuring and controlling the wireless activities, generating statistical data, optimizing the prioritization, and streamlining the data flow rate and frequency based on the application and the devices. In most of the instances, the extender works as the exact replica of the dual band QOS optimization at the router, while in the others you can configure it for the number of devices within the specific zone covered by the Netgear EX6200v2.


The LINKSYS RE6500 an advanced dual band wireless-extender for the best gaming, video, and browser based internet activities. The primary benefit of using this extender in your home/office is the elimination of dead/void spots in which the extender’s reach seems to be ineffective. The extender achieves it with the help of the high quality components and accessories from the OEM. The twin Dipole antennas connected to the gadget continuously scans the incoming signals from the router and re-transmits them over the extended range. During this time the high sensitivity of the processor and the firmware scans and pushes the throughput signals evenly all over the range.

Spot Finder Technology

The LINKSYS RE6500 has the inbuilt spot finder technology through which it determines the best location of installation around the Wi-Fin router. When you place the extender at the right place, it auto synchronizes with the router signals. At this stage you can run the App installer which connects the gadget with the client device and the router. You can configure the entire network based on your specific requirements and the Wi-Fi utilization volume.

Gaming Specs

The LINKSYS RE6500 provides the best gaming connectivity with the consoles, smart phones, android devices, and the PCs. As an enthusiastic gamer you can connect to some of the highly advanced gaming sites online. The customizable configuration of the 2.4GHZ and the 5GHZ bands in the extender gives you plenty of options to optimize the interaction with the extender and the device as well as the router and the extender. The system can streamline high speed and large bandwidth games for online multiplayer environment.

Online video streaming

The online video streaming mode gives you the maximum leverage for viewing and downloading the latest 4K-HD/HDR videos.

OS/Browser Compatibility

The LINKSYS RE6500 is compatible with the legacy operating systems like the XP, and Vista. At the same time it can be compatible with the advanced versions like the Windows 8.X, Mac-OS-X-10.X versions, android and the smart phone OS.

The LINKSYS RE6500 is compatible with almost all the existing and upcoming web browsers. In some cases you may need to add the extension to enable the advanced functionalities. The extender can eliminate all the latency factors in the data transmission from the router onto the browser in the client device in real time. Hence, you can open multiple tabs in each browser window without having to reload the tabs when you move away from a tab and go back into it. It has been one of the most frustrating factors during your frequent browsing sessions.

Install, Configure and Relax

The LINKSYS RE6500 is easy to install, simple to configure, and fast to customize. The graphical user interface gives you all the options for setting up the device configurations and profiles. It is now easy for you to monitor the hourly Wi-Fi utilization by the individual devices within the network. You can allocate the top, high and maximum priority through the combination of the router and the extender, save the priority settings and apply it for the everyday user sessions. want more info try this website