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Advertising and Social Media: Going Up?

Guest post by Kelley McGrath Last year, companies spent $4.7 billion on social media advertising. This year, companies bumped up their efforts to advertise on social networks with an extra $1.4 billion, bringing the total spend to $6.1 billion for 2013. And experts don’t expect this trend to slow or plateau any time soon. ByContinue Reading

How to Market a Startup

A few years ago a small manufacturer called me in to consult with them on naming a product they were already selling; an accessory to recreational equipment. It was a great product, better than the one the OEM was making. The after-thought of marketing wasn’t neglect, it was just an omission. The company had pouredContinue Reading

Can You Continue to Ignore Mobile Marketing?

More than half of digital media time is now mobile. Does that affect your business? Most likely yes. (image courtesy of comScore) Two weeks ago at the BOLO Digital Marketing Conference, Eli Goodman of Comscore provided the sobering numbers in the slide above. It’s not that we didn’t know mobile was important, but maybe weContinue Reading

The Passion Conversation

Love your customers? Engage them passionately? Heady stuff, wouldn’t you say? Especially when it’s advice coming from your typical marketing firm. But this is Brains on Fire and they ain’t typical. This advice is directly from their new book: The Passion Conversation. My good friend John Moore is one of the co-authors of the bookContinue Reading

How do You Build a Great Brand?

Let’s say you could start over again and re-design your company. How many times have you dreamed about that? But now it’s different; you have experience, and you’ve read the Steve Jobs biography, you’re ready to do it right. So let’s rebuild your company from the ground up into a great brand. Ready? Ok, wait.Continue Reading

Should Marketers Really Trust Their Gut

Marketers, CMO’s, and business owners have all learned to trust their gut. But what if your gut were wrong most of the time? Neuromarketing is a relatively new field that is challenging many of our long-held and most cherished marketing beliefs. More often than naught, they challenge our marketing intuition. Roger Dooley, author of Brainfluence,Continue Reading

Ideas to Implement Your Customer Loyalty Program

Baskin-Robbins was founded in 1945 and its first customer loyalty program offered children one free scoop of ice cream on their birthday. Nearly 70 years later, the Baskin Robbins Birthday Club still exists and it’s still a customer loyalty program, but the free scoop is gone. Current members get an ice cream-themed birthday email, aContinue Reading

The Business of Belief

It’s a lot easier to say you want a successful business, than it is to believe you can actually have one. Do you really believe in your business? There’s a simple test to find out. Tom Asacker was recently a guest on my podcast to discuss his latest book: The Business of Belief. It’s aContinue Reading

Marketing Morsels to Beef up Your Business

Snack-sized marketing advice this the past week from The Marketing Spot Facebook Page (please “Like” my page) Customer Speak Do you have a primary customer profile? You can increase the potency of your marketing message by speaking to a specific person that matches your primary customer profile. When you create a generic message trying toContinue Reading

The Purposeful Website

What is the purpose of your website? For a long time there was an understanding about small business websites: you need one, and it should give people information about your business. I think that is a misunderstanding. That was the functional approach that ignored the purpose of a website. Think of your website as theContinue Reading