Local SEO – Google Analytics Webinar

I often tell clients that understanding Google Analytics will change the way they see the online world. And I’ve seen a rise to the top in local search rankings dramatically affect a business. Now you can learn both of these critical marketing functions in a brand new premium webinar produced by The Marketing Spot – RISE TO THE TOP: Local search and Google Analytics Webinar

Learning Google Analytics

For this webinar we are excited to be teaming up with Google Analytics and SEO expert Glenn Gabe of G-Squared Interactive. Glenn will present the Google Analytics portion of the webinar. He is an online marketing veteran with more than 15 years experience. Glenn authors the authoritative Internet Marketing Driver blog, and writes for Search Engine Journal.

Understanding Local SEO

I will present the Local SEO portion of the webinar. For the past three years I have been working with local businesses to optimize their websites and teaching them how to rise to the top of Google local search rankings. An appearance in the top 7 of the local search results can bring an immediate jump in website traffic. A rise to the top of the local search rankings can result in a dramatic increase in not just web traffic, but phone calls and new clients.

In this webinar Glenn and I will show you how to get more business and acquire new customers through local SEO and Google Analytics.

You Will Learn:

  1. Practical tactics you can use to increase your rank in local search results with Local SEO
  2. How to use Google Analytics to take control of your online marketing for better results.

Your investment for this webinar is just $79. However, if you register this week (by February 13th) you can get an early bird discount of 30%: $23.70 off! Just use the discount code: TMS_30_Blog
(The final price is just $55.30 this week only)

Register Here: Local SEO & Google Analytics Webinar
For more webinar information: Local SEO & Google Analytics


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Jay Ehret
Jay Ehret

Neil, The webinar has been postponed and will appear here on the website at a later date in a different format.

Email me if you have more questions or need specific help: jaythemarketingspot.com

Neil Kristianson
Neil Kristianson

Is this webinar still upcoming or did I miss it? I thought it was the 24th but Eventbrite won't let me sign up.


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