Spot On! This week’s best marketing advice.

Here are some of the week’s best small business marketing blog posts. They are categorized by the four spots of The Marketing Circle of Life. Enjoy and be educated.


Promotion: How to Hit a Copywriting Home Run With Perceptual Contrast by Brian Clark on Copyblogger. Human beings naturally perceive things in comparison to other things. Perceptual contrast is an effective persuasion technique because you can literally alter the way a prospective buyer perceives a product or service. Relative amounts of information provided about two different offerings can influence how people feel about the second offer, your offer.

Branding: 4 Steps to Creating Brand Equity by Kristina Rice on Print Advertising Eye Candy. Brand equity is the value of your brand to the customer. It’s what makes customers loyal to your brand and motivates them refer you to their friends. It takes hard work to get build high levels of brand equity, but it can be done when you implement these four steps.

Experience: The Spirit of a Good Salesman by Jonathan Munk on Manizesto. A simple story on the power of product demonstration. Flashy images, a slick presentation, and a gigantic budget should always be secondary to the product (or service).

Conversation: SWOMfest by Jackie Huba and Ben McConnell of Church of the Customer. One of my favorite word-of-mouth books is Creating Customer Evangelists. I borrow from it heavily as a source of word of mouth marketing tactics. That’s why I was eager to register for Huba and McConnell’s SWOMfest October 30th in Austin, Texas. This is not just another conference for marketers. Entrepreneurs should also consider attending. It’s affordable and it sounds like it’s going to be a great party. Watch the video below and consider attending.

Note: I will be interviewing Jackie Huba in the next episode of the Power to the Small Business podcast coming this week.

Guest Marketers On Deck
I have a couple more articles ready to publish here on The Marketing Spot, including the above mentioned interview with Jackie Huba. Then I will take a short blogging break while I finish a project. In my absence I’ve assembled a great line up of guest bloggers to dispense valuable marketing advice. Beginning next week please enjoy:

David Brazeal
Eric Brown
Valerie Conyngham
Dean Jones
Jack Leblond
David Mullen
Efrain Mendicuti

Thank You Waco NAFE!
This past Thursday I spoke at the local chapter of National Association for Female Executives on the subject of building remarkable customer experiences. Thank you, ladies for the opportunity and the warm reception. You ladies rock!

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