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2/22/08 Update:
Hollywood Reporter says that TV Ads are losing steam with marketers. The people who make and place the TV ads are looking for ways to defeat the evil DVR. Part of the shakeout will be more product placement in the shows you watch.

eMarketer is reporting that real-time TV viewing in DVR households is declining.

Homes that have a DVR now only watch real-time TV about 36% of the time. That was a WOW factor for me.

I receive frequent propaganda pieces from television and cable stations telling me that DVR usage has little to no effect on viewers watching commercials. The mantra is that people are still watching commercials, even if they use DVR.

I simply don’t believe it.

Maybe I’m just going by my own experience, but almost never watch a commercial when watching a program on DVR. In fact, I will DVR a program to watch it later so that I can skip the commercials and save time.
From the Article:
“Everyone with content to sell or distribute, or goods to advertise, has to
realize that this trend is going only one way—away from the traditional ways
that consumers used media,”
said Paul Rule, president of Marquest Media and
Entertainment Research (who did the study).

Just be aware that if you advertise on television, the DVR affects your return on investment. The rule of thumb for local TV advertising is to run in programs that are likely to be watched live. Those programs include news, sports, and local morning news magazine programming.

Read eMarketer’s article here: DVRs Promote TV Replays Over Real-Time

If you have a different take or experience, please share in the comments below.

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