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The Marketing Spot is a marketing education and resource center for small business owners, entrepreneurs, and aspiring entrepreneurs It was founded in 2001 by Jay Ehret, who serves as Dean of Marketing Know-How. We celebrate the entrepreneurial spirit at The Marketing Spot and it is our mission to give power to the small businesses through knowledge of the great business equalizer: Marketing.

For that reason we are not just a provider of marketing tools and information. We are an education company. This is the website where entrepreneurs learn marketing fundamentals to go along with actionable tactics.. Through marketing courses, webinars, and tutorials The Marketing Spot will transform you,
the entrepreneur, into a practicing marketer. Explore our store for on demand resources, and The Entrepreneur’s Edge for open access to all our materials.

Murder Your Darlings to Improve Your Search Engine Ranking

Imagine my surprise; A source of my pride was also a source of my pain. “Yes,” I would brag, “I have written almost 800 blog posts, and produced more than 100 podcast episodes.“ And if we listen to the the content marketing pundits that’s a good thing. “Content is king!” Not so fast, says BillContinue Reading

The Framework for Crafting a Marketing Message That Gets Attention

Chapter 5 of The Marketing Plan Podcast Your message is more important than the medium. What you say, and how you say it, is more important than where you say it. Chapter 5 is about communication: How to craft a marketing message that gets attention and has impact. Jay Ehret shares his marketing message framework andContinue Reading

Earning Word of Mouth Marketing through Brand Engagement

Chapter 4 of The Marketing Plan Podcast The Age of Conversation is a myth, at least in title; the way it’s been named. There’s just not much conversation going on. If you take a look at your Facebook stream, for example, you’ll find, that about ninety percent of your Facebook newsfeed is conversation-less; just peopleContinue Reading