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Powering Down and Powering Up a Podcast

If you start something new, it would be a good idea to simultaneously end something old. And that’s what I’m going to do. Next week I will premier a brand new, focused, marketing podcast. It’s going to be awesome! Ok, I’m a little biased and I’ve been doing a lot of prep work on itContinue Reading

Are Customer Relationships Really Built Through Conversation?

Marketers like to think so, and we often say so, because it makes us sound enlightened. It’s also the argument we use to teach uneducated businesses how to use those hallowed social media tools. The purpose is really to convince you that you need to use social media and participate in the whole “marketing 2.0”Continue Reading

Use This Customer Experience Formula to Increase Loyalty and Word of Mouth

Episode #99 of Power to the Small Business Podcast The customer experience you deliver is the number one factor of customer loyalty. It is also the the number one reason why you do or do not earn word-of-mouth conversations. The argument can be made that this component of your marketing plan may be the mostContinue Reading

Is it Time for Small Business to Ditch Facebook?

Episode #98 of Power to the Small Business Podcast At one time, Facebook seemed like a Godsend to small businesses. Get access to a social media channel where you could theoretically reach more than 50% of your potential customers. And it was all free. Wow! Was Facebook really a blessing, or maybe it was aContinue Reading

5 Branding Questions Every Business Should Ask

Your business is not defined by a category, but by your mission and your emotional objective. That’s a big part of understanding the process of branding. With that in mind, here are five brand-building questions, inspired by Mitch Baranowski and his 5 Tips on Branding For Good From Successful Social Entrepreneurs. What’s My Connection? It’sContinue Reading